Simplifying all Touring Logistics

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Our new Service is “Virtual/Remote Tour Management” where we manage the tour remotely so it will be a cost-effective solution for artists who want to save money on their tour. Since virtual tour managers don’t travel with the artist, there are no travel costs or expenses associated with lodging and transportation. It also takes the pressure away from your F.O.H. Engineer, L.D. or Driver who may have had to double up as T.M! If you engage with us, you only pay for the services you need, which can be a significant cost saving compared to having a full-time tour manager on the road. Furthermore, a virtual tour manager can handle multiple tours at the same time, which means you can split the cost of our services across multiple tours, further reducing the overall cost per tour. 

Ultimately, by hiring a virtual tour manager, you can reduce your tour expenses while still receiving the professional support you need to ensure your tour runs smoothly.

We can offer everything that you require for your next UK/EU/World Tour (Tour Management/Trucks/Vans/Splitters/Buses/Air & Sea Freight, Crew, Techs, Carnets & Production)

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